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Mark Dawidowicz - Founder/CEO

Having been a Total Talent Acquisition Leader and Advisor for many years, I have built my experience and expertise working with global organizations in various sectors, including Banking, Oil and Gas, Outsourcing, and Technology.

My success is derived from my excellent understanding of the environment needed to establish a thriving business. To establish such an understanding, I take a proactive, thorough, and detail-oriented approach to seek innovative and effective solutions that are tailored to an organization’s unique needs. I recognize the critical importance of the decisions organizations have to make and the magnitude of the risk posed by bad decisions. Thus, I utilize technology and data to analyze trends and drive precise and informed decision-making processes.  

Over the years, I have set a strong performance record leading large-scale digitization initiatives that have revolutionized service delivery and customer experience, helping organizations manage change and adapt seamlessly to the ever-changing business ecosystem. As an avid team leader, I excel in providing vision and coordinating multiple teams to foster cooperation and ensure timely delivery of deliverables. I take pride in my reputation of being innovative, a business disruptor, a great communicator, a critical thinker, and a professional.  

My goal is to help organizations enable the world of talent, whether contingent, permanent, or through SOW vendors, to source and retain a highly effective workforce that spurs the organization’s profitability and exceeds business objectives.

Mark Dawidowicz
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