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Vendor Management

Having the right vendor management strategy is key to both the short & long-term success of a contingent talent acquisition program, inclusive of statement of work hiring. A contingent talent acquisition program or managed service program is an intricate ecosystem, and when a portion or portions of the ecosystem are not in alignment, you are sure to have adverse reactions downstream. For instance - having multiple cost-savings initiatives running concurrently will negatively impact your vendors, leading to a drop in candidate quality as your vendors will move qualified talent to those organizations/programs meeting marketplace bill rate thresholds.   

Our experts can help find the perfect balance between a strong vendor partnership and attaining your business objectives, allowing your program to succeed and build a strong vendor/client partnership for long-term success.  

Performance Scorecard targets

Performance Scorecard

SLA/KPIs - Performance metrics are program fundamentals. Set the right metrics to drive organizational objectives.




As your program matures and continues to drive performance, vendor optimization is key to your program's transformation to remain current, and performance is set to optimal delivery. 

Vendor Selection



Selecting the right vendors for your people-focused program is a key element of your success. Tiering? Job categories? Job industries? We can help support your selection criteria to align to your organizational objectives.

Cost Savings



There are many opportunities by which an organization can realize both soft/hard cost savings. Your Vendors are more than willing to do their part in cost containment, knowing there is a cost strategy in place and a win-win situation.


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