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Computer Programming

Digital Transformation

Whether you are looking to add to your technology stack or determine the best approach to digitize your current talent acquisition program workflows - our experts will help decipher the technology matrix and provide you with options. Digitizing can help increase efficiencies, improve end-user experience and drive automation to allow you to focus on high-impact value-add activities. The world of bots, RPA, and AI is here. Having the right balance between human workflow and technology can give any organization an upper hand in sourcing, assessing, and hiring qualified talent. 



Evolve your administrative 

workflows by introducing automation. Increase efficiencies, speed up deliverables and increase focus on value add activities.

Sourcing Candidates

Candidate Assessment

Increase candidate quality by assessing their knowledge/skills during the interview process, decrease your time to fill by sourcing the right talent, and increase your productivity. 

Employee Onboarding


Onboarding platforms can reinforce your brand, increase retention and drive a standardized approach for all new hires to your organization.



Chatbots can increase engagement with end-users, provide quick access to information, process requests, increase end-user experience and allow you to focus on value impact activities. 

Video interviewing

Video Interviews

As the work-from-home culture grows and face-to-face interviews are not an option, video interviewing can help hiring managers assess and interview talent from around the world with ease.

Direct Candidate Sourcing

Direct Sourcing

Take control of your contingent sourcing practice through automated workflows that engage with your alumni, silver medalists and pre-id talent pools.

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