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Program Design



Your organization has decided to launch a people-focused talent acquisition program, and now the question is how to get started? How are best-in-class talent acquisition programs built? What is the best workflow for high end-user adoption while ensuring your business objectives surpass expectations?

With years of experience building, implementing, and running programs, our experts are here to help guide you through the crucial next steps of building your blueprint and determine the best workflows and system functionality that will align with your business objectives.  

We can guide you through the following steps:

Analysis & Design

Deep dive analysis of your current state workflows to determine the best alignment to your targeted organizational business objectives to ensure adoption by end-user and increase success of program objectives.


Integration Design

We consult on best-in-class integrations taking into consideration your entire technology ecosystem. Having the right connectors/integrations will increase program value, elevate end-user adoption and drive efficiencies from the start.  


System Functionality

Now that your program blueprint is designed, our experts will determine the best system functionality/features to aligned to your program objectives, while taking into account end-user experience.


Change Management

Communication to end-users is key to any program's success and should start from the moment you decide to build a talent acquisition program. We build strategic communication plans to drive program value to all key stakeholders in a variety of formats and media.

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