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Staffing Partners


totalwork(4)ce solutions provides a broad range of solutions to help organizations facilitate change, achieve their business objectives and optimize performance and productivity, including Staffing Partners

Your staffing organization has mastered enterprise contingent staffing requirements for years. Now one of your clients has decided to move to an MSP model or Direct Contingent model - does this mean you will lose everything you have built? The quick answer is no - if you can pivot quickly!


Yes, your business model needs to pivot and change to align with the MSP model; however, the years of experience you have gained supporting Client X holds much weight if you know how to use it to your advantage. 


With years of experience managing staffing partners' performance, we have the subject matter expertise to guide you through the MSP model and align your future success while implementing several key changes to your delivery model. 


RFP Support

Make the best of your first impression! Responding to an RFP is an art - we can provide you guidance in working through the RFP questions to ensure you come out on top.


Increase Revenue

Your business model will change now that an MSP is being engaged, but you can make it a win-win. Learn how to pivot your business model to increase revenue and market share. 

Mass recruiting

Bulk Hiring 

Project hiring has changed over the years, and ensuring you stand out from the rest of your competitors is key when engaging in bulk-hiring initiatives. 



In most cases, your margins will be impacted by the insertion an MSP. You not only need to transform your business model but go beyond the obvious and digitize to bring down operating costs.

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