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Dare to Transform

totalwork(4)ce solutions provides a broad range of solutions to help organizations facilitate change, achieve their business objectives and optimize performance and productivity when sourcing talent utilizing various sourcing pools. Whether you are a small to medium-sized business or a multinational corporation, we can help your team reach new success levels with your talent acquisition hiring program with our proven solutions. Learn more about our services and contact us today to kick start your talent acquisition transformation. 

Our Services



Internal Talent Acquisition Programs

Managed Service Programs (MSP)

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) 

Statement of Work (SOW)

Direct Contingent Sourcing

Program Design


Talent acquisition programs come in all shapes & sizes and having the right solution design will ensure your business objectives are met. Our experts will consult on design solutions and support implementation. 


Digital Transformation

Bots, AI, RPA, are new technologies that can be overwhelming; however, the digital transformation era's benefits are too great to bypass. Let us guide you through the maze.

System Optimization

New functionality is continuously being added to your technology platform. Deciphering which functionality should be turned on can be overwhelming. Optimizing your technology is key to success and can elevate your business objectives.  


Program Evaluation

Your talent acquisition program is up and running and talent is being sourced - now time to plan for the future. Our program evaluation assessment will review all facets of the program, provide a gap analysis, and ensure you have a detailed 

strategic roadmap for continued success. 


Vendor Management

The key to selecting and managing vendor performance is utilizing program data. Vendor management strategies based on data-driven decisions will increase vendor adoption and accelerating your business 




Making sound business decisions requires data. Data is only as good as the information that is being tracked and reported through your technology platform. Aligning the data to your business objectives will provide the insight needed. 


Staffing Partner


Mastering performance delivery 

You've been asked to partner in a talent acquisition program and need to learn everything there is to know on delivering great talent in a fast-paced program. Let our experts help guide your sourcing team through a step by step - how to succeed - in a talent acquisition program while increasing revenue and client value.

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